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alittlexposed's Journal

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@} Age: 20
@} Height: 6'0 (Human) or 4'2 (Rat)
@} Gender: Male
@} Species: Hanjuu, Half-beast with a rat form.
@} Known Relatives: Mother, Father (deceased)
@} Homeland: Kou
@} Abilities:
@} Arrival: March 7, 2009

trusting but intelligent. He won't let himself be used, but he's prone to giving multiple chances when he thinks people deserve them. He's overly kind, never raising his voice or heard using an unkind word unless it's absolutely deserving. He smiles frequently and his idea of heaven would consist of staying burrowed in books for the rest of his days. He loves to learn, to study, but he also enjoys spending time with Youko-- a time when he finds himself both wanted and useful. Rakushun enjoys that he's able to help Youko, even if it's only to encourage her when she thinks she can't cut it. He has absolute faith in his friends and loved ones and in return is absolutely faithful.

He loves his parents, respects his mother for being strong enough to raise him on her own, and is wholly proud of who he is. Even if other people think him lesser for it. This is why he uses his rat form most frequently, I think; his own silent protest against people who believe he should have to look a certain way to be accepted.

Babies are not born where Rakushun is from. Instead, parents pray to the god Tentei to be given fruit from a sacred tree that grows. A ribbon is tied to a tree, and the parents choose a fruit. That fruit becomes their child.

Not all of the fruits bear wholly human children, however. Sometimes the fruits create what are called "hanjuu," creatures that are half man and half beast. They can switch between a human and beast form at will, and in most countries are thought of as less than human. They can't attain upper level schooling, can't hold land on their own, can't hold down jobs on their own.

Rakushun is a hanjuu, his animal form being that of a man-sized rat -- or more accurately, a child-sized rat. He prefers his beast form even though he grew up in the country of Kou, one of those who are some of the strictest opponents of hanjuus. He lived with his mother there, relatively peacefully, and was mostly isolated from other people. His mother sold a good portion of their land to fund his education as far as was possible; Rakushun was always top of his class, making top grades, however he was barred from entering any form of higher education due to his status as a hanjuu. He didn't have many, if any, friends, but he remained upbeat and confident regardless. We aren't given much information in regards to his father, though we assume he's passed away by the time the story picks up. During the course of the series, Rakushun's mother

Despite it all, he's proud of his hanjuu heritige and thus prefers to walk about in his beast form regardless of the fact that it makes him a target. That's how he met Youko.

Initially Youko distrusts him, her experiences in the country not being the most positive ones after she'd arrived. He does eventually gain her trust, however, and is consistantly kind and friendly to her. He easily forgives her for distrusting him, saying it was only natural that she wouldn't trust a stranger in a strange country.

He travels with Youko to En, leaving his mother and home to accompany his friend. He expresses an interest in studying at the upper level school, Daigaku, in En, a country where one isn't discriminated against for being a hanjuu. After doing what he can to help Youko ascend as empress of Kei, he does just that.


♥♥ Youko ::
Enki :: It's as if nothing changed. Enki treats him just as he did back home, which Rakushun is both glad and occasionally vexed by. He's a good friend and one that Rakushun is grateful for, save when he's chasing him and Youko with a camera or "visiting" during his designated reading or study time.
Keiki ::
Taiki ::

Kenshin :: A very nice man, and when Rakushun first met him it was while he was under a curse that made it seem as if Kenshin was as new as Rakushun was.
Rin :: A roommate and friend of Youkos, she was kind enough to greet him. Rakushun is glad that Youko made such a good friend during the period if time she was here without knowing anyone.

PROFILE CODES FROM tomorrow_brings.
RP JOURNAL PLAYED BY zully FOR polychromatic.